A bridge between Africa and Europe
Jacqueline Moesch Mampuya, born in the Congo, spent her childhood in Switzerland. She is therefore accustomed to both the African and European way of thinking.

Artistic development • Educated by Lucky Zebila (director National Ballet Congo) and Elsa Wolliaston, Kenya. They were the first teachers to teach the African dance in Europe.
• Collaboration with the Fatala Group, Guinea, and their director Bruno Camara as well as with Paco Ye of the Farafina Group, Burkina Faso.
• Studies in Africa and Paris

Appearances and choreographics • Participation at presentations with various African dance groups in Europe and Africa, sometimes as a soloist.
• Intercultural exchange programme on invitation from Burkina Faso's Ministry of Culture.
• Choreography for Euripides'„Bakchen“ at Basle's Od-Theatre (Director H.D. Jendreyko, music Christoph Marthaler)
• Choreography for the dance performance „A Viewing with Witnesses“.
• Amadou Hampâté Bâ's "Petit Bodiel", with forum:claque Baden.

Moesch Mampuya

dance pedagogue
Work as dance pedagogue • Courses and Workshops in various dance schools in Zurich and Basle
• Foundation of own dance school „Ecole de danse d'expression africaine“
• Own workshops and courses in Basle, Zurich, Locarno and Amsterdam
• Weekly intensive-workshops in Fiesch, Saignelégier, Loco, Boldern, Basle, Berlin, Stuttgart
• Classes at Zurich's Konservatorium
• Teaching position at various public and private schools in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and in the Tessin

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